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John Morton Seminar at "Finland in Our Hearts", July 1-4, 2011 in Turku, Finland
On July 3, join John Morton Project Advisory Board Members, Dr. Olavi Koivukangas and Dr. Auvo Kostiainen, and Dr. Maude Wedin, one of our guest lecturers at the John Morton Conference, at "Finland in Our Hearts" hosted by the Institute of Migration in Turku, Finland. The John Morton Seminar will discuss John Morton's life's work, his role in American independence, and his family roots by way of Mårten Mårtensson, a man who emigrated to America from the Finnish woodlands of Sweden. Visit Finland in Our Hearts website.

Genealogy Session at "FinnFest 2011", August 10-14, 2011 in San Diego, California, USA
John Morton Project Advisory Board Member, Dr. Auvo Kostiainen, PhD, will be presenting a two-day genealogy session at this year's FinnFest. Dr. Kostiainen will present information on the roots of John Morton which traditionally have been linked to the Delaware Colony of the 1600's and particularly to Morton's  great grandfather Mårten Mårtensson. With the help of DNA research it is possible to trace the roots in the Swedish kingdom of the 1600's, of which Finland was a part.  Read more about FinnFest...

John Morton Conference June 14-15, 2010 in Helsinki, Finland
The John Morton Conference was held in Helsinki, Finland June 14 and 15, 2010 where researchers, historians, Finns, and Americans explored the rich and interconnected histories of three great nations. See the conference schedule here...

First Advisory Board Meeting
The first international meeting of the John Morton Advisory Board was held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on November 10–12, 2008. The board met to refine the focus of the John Morton Project and discuss timing of future meetings.

Founding Fathers in Finland
In September 2006, “Benjamin Franklin” and “John Morton” traveled to Finland to enrich Finnish-U.S. relations. As guests of Ambassador Marilyn Ware—and in little more than a week—the two historic personalities toured most of the country, visiting schools and other organizations to promote the links between the histories of the United States and Finland. Read more...