The John Morton Project: Rediscovering a Founding Father

Get Involved

Volunteers of diverse backgrounds and interests from across the globe work together to uncover additional information for the John Morton Project.  We welcome anyone who is interested in contributing to the efforts to study Morton's life as a colonial statesman and the origins of his ancestors by discovering new documentary evidence in the United States, Finland, and Sweden.  Please let us know if:

  • You have additional information or documentation regarding John Morton’s life in colonial US or his lineage in Finland; one of our researchers will contact you.
  • You think you may be a descendent of John Morton or Marten Martensson and are interested in providing a DNA sample to trace your lineage back to these settlers. Please visit the Marttinen DNA group in the Family Tree DNA pages for more information on how to join the study:
  • You would like to make a financial contribution to the John Morton Project with which we can continue the research and education.
  • You would be interested in attending the 2010 conference to be held in Finland, June 14-16, and would like to receive additional details about it.